Here Be Voodoo is the story of Sunday, a ten-year old girl and her doll, Mojo.
But Here Be Voodoo isn’t a story about their fun and magical adventures through a candy colored world (Well, with a story titled Voodoo, I kind of hope you were warned).

Here Be Voodoo is about how far you can go to take revenge.
About the necessary evil and the far less necessary
About the choices who are not always the right one, and sometimes not having a choice at all.
About making mistakes, and seeking redemption, or choosing not to.

And in a less cryptic way, note that the story will show explicitly:
-Disturbingly cute voodoo dolls wielding butcher knives.
Zombis (dog, bird, humans, bugs, more or less whole.)
Grave robbing.
Human remains tinkering.
Black magic.
Naked ladies and gentlemens.
Werewolves. (Who are also the naked ladies and gentlemens).
Profanity and swearing
Act of questionable morality from both the good guys, the bad guys, and the dolls who wouldn’t know what morality is if it bite them in their straw-filled head.
Black humor, dark enough to depress an undertaker.

Please, do not suggest this story to children, innocents and/or faint of heart.
Thank you.