Sunday is Voodoo's main character. She live in the Bayou with her parents, Jeremiah and Viviane. Sunday is an adorable and happy little girl, with a promising future as a witch. Until...


Sunday's doll, made with the shrouds and hairs of her parents. He is as happy and innocent than his mother isn't.




Pif (real name Padrig) is the Bayou's undertaker, which consist as much to bury the dead as to protect them from the Witcher's evil clutch. Even thought he is not a witch himself, Pif can use the power of the cemetery to activate magical protections. In addition, he is helped by Hanged Angie, the oldest voodoo dolls of the Bayou (and if neither work, he usually clobber the offender to death with his shovel). Pif lost his nose during the last war, a few years before he came into the Bayou.

Hanged Angie

Hanged Angie (Angie for everyone) is the oldest and happiest doll of the bayou. It's creator, the first undertaker of the cemetery, made the doll from the rope of a hanged man, the shroud of a dead woman, and his own finger, a living flesh who will sustent Angie long after his death.And it"lived" for a very long time, one of the only doll older than Lady Mandy, who remember the great fire and had been so much patched it now look like a puzzle. It lose its arms during of fight against a dark mage, and the grave keeper at this time was too clumsy with his hands to repair it, but Angie doesn't care and use its hair as a lasso, weapon or hand.


Jeremiah is Sunday's father. He is also the village's healer, with the help of his wife, Viviane. He came from the Pit, a village under the Witcher's rule, and managed to escape before Sunday's birth.


Viviane, Jeremiah's wife and Sunday's mother. Also the second healer of the village. She is a powerful witch, with an encyclopedic knowledge of magic she use to protect the village. At the beginning of the story, she just had her second child.