Eshu is in full panic mode right here.

And being panicky is often a bad idea when the baddy is barely a wall away.


Hey readers, I love you and welcome to all those who came through Bob’s links (the others, read her comic: Demon Of The Underground!)

I’m going to be perfectly honest here: I’m French. (Bear with me, there is a reason I disclose that) (Aside of the obvious and horrible spelling mistakes)

I decided that Here Be Voodoo was going to publish every week at 9 am French hour, but I have actually no idea if this is practical for the American’s readers (and the Germans, according to my stats, hey guys, Guten tag!)

So, I’m thinking of changing the update hour so the comic show up at 9 AM hu… UTC-9? New-York time if I get it right? Which would make the comic up at 3PM, French time.

So what do you think? Yes? Yes Please? YEEEEES! No. NOPE! No opinion?

Thanks in advance guys! And have a pleasant reading, the chapter end in five more pages!