This… may need some clarifications:

  • Marassa : One being, one soul, but two bodies. Basically, very very close real twin brothers with an unhealthy dose of magic and codependency.
  • The Witcher : The surviving brother, who eventually undead (undied?) himself by removing his half of the soul.
  • The mummy: The body of the dead brother. He has no conscience of self, but kept the emotions and sensations of the moment of his death and yeah, that’s not fun. He is actually trying to get back his soul, but the soul Does-Not-Want.
  • The dashing gentleman on the page: Half of the soul of the departed brother. He is linked to the stone heart we saw previously. Moving the heart from one body to the other change the host of the soul. Yeah, he is Eshu’s charming temper.
  • Eshu: The wood puppet, was the host of the Marassa’s half soul for a dozen years. Without the stone heart, it’s only an empty shell.
  • Mojo: His mojo contain the Witcher’s half of the soul among other things. But, since he wasn’t created to BE the host of the soul (intent play a big role in magic) he is not the Witcher’s soul.

There, I hope it was clarifying.
… or… maybe not, I’ve been told it’s a tiny bit complicated.